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Artist: The Deer Hunter (Music #45)

My absolute favorite band is coming out with a new album next month. *Head explodes from excitement* Yeah, I’m prepared to receive the gift of the gods *says from standing naked in a electrical storm holding a lightning rod* Bring it!
K… going insane now. I’m still excited.
Enjoy their new single. I must say that this is a departure from their traditional style of “Arc” albums, but still welcomed.


Progress #45

SLOW going. I’ve been swamped with college before spring break.

I tried writing my new WIP in first person, and it just didn’t work well. I wasn’t as comfortable as I typically am in third. And also, I was afraid I’d turn one of my characters into the annoying cynical narrator. Switching back to third and revisiting the same scene for the third time, I added so much more and better detail. Odd. I also was forced into a more subjective POV in first, and had to struggle to convey the scene effectively (especially when the scene was so far from norm). 

Oh well. Better get back to work.

Artist: James Black (Music #44)

James Blake hit the scene pretty hard. His s/t album hit the charts hard and fast with great reviews. If it wasn’t for The Dear Hunter’s Color Spectrum, his s/t would have been my number one album of 2011.
This new single by him for his upcoming album sounds spectacular. Amazing. His older albums found more of his post-dubstep sound mixed in, this is starting to focus on his singing voice (which is very nice, btw).

Progress #44

Been a while, huh?

Well, I’ve been working on this new project. Still unnamed. Its… creative, let’s call it that. Its just a mean mashup of whatever I had jotted down and formed a story around.

Funny enough, I typically like to plot my stories a bit. And after some internal turmoil, I decided to start discovery writing it. And that’s working. A bit.

Artst: Destroyer (Music #43)

Dan Bejar is one of the greatest lyricists I know of. The man astounds me.
So cynical, so straight, so cutting. How can a man be so grating?

Progress #43

I’ve scrapped The Emperor’s Right.

Ah… yeah, just about.

I started the story with the idea of a series of short stories mostly about this knight and his likely-emperor travelling to different kingdoms to reunite the fallen one that they were apart of once. A charming, partner-hopping (both male and female) knight with a body like steel, and an emperor who’s Sherlock on steroids. But, as I hit the second story, I ran into a road block: The Knight’s past lover. And I wanted to tell her story, and how she was the downfall of the entire empire, and the knight still loved her. But I didn’t want to do a flashback for a short story series, and as I fell in love with the idea, I started plotting an entire book around her and his relationship.

That turned into Advent. The main story’s purpose was to show the relationship and their upbringing, and end with the lover destroying the empire.

Then I would continue onto the next books, bringing out more kingdoms, knights, likely-emperors for war and such. And I kept to the idea that I didn’t want war-epics or politic-debates. That I would bring out the personal relationships more.

After at least a dozen rewrites on Advent (numerous revises and edits), writing LifeFire, plotting a side character’s life, starting the third book, plotting many other books only to be cut down later… everything kinda floated away.

I started to tear away at Advent and looked at the ugly truth: I didn’t have a well-established world. My characters were filling roles. Much of the interaction I wanted was with between different characters, so the romance aspect felt forced–like I expected the reader to know they were in love. And as I started planning a trilogy, I started pulling out more problems with how the story was extended and how to fill it. And I didn’t want that.


So, I scrapped it. I’ve taken some golden points I’ve always liked and started brainstorming up a new story.

This time I’m working with a stronger, much stronger system and building up from a design (in the best way possible).

Wish me luck!

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Music #42)

Macklemore is a alright rapper.
Ryan Lewis wasn’t well known until now.
Together, they have to be one of my top hip-hop artists/bands of all time.
The beats are great, the lyrics are inspiring. Maybe it’s not the most emotionally fueled rapping, but the lyrics ring true, and after a while you just get hit hard.
This is one of those songs that tells you to keep moving. Hard work is the only thing that makes greatness.

Progress #42

Been plotting.

I’m done stripping down the story and the characters, but I’ve run into road blocks.

Maybe I just need to get to writing and discovery write my way through the problems.

Artist: Bvdub (Music #41)

This is ambient, both old and new style.
And I absolutely love this song. The first time I heard it, I knew it was going to be up there with some of my all time favorites. Absolutely beautiful and a bit heart-wrenching if you’ve read the title.
Yeah, it’s 13minutes long. And its worth every second. Right about the 5minute mark it gets good, but listen to all that build up too.

Progress #41

I’ve had my hands full with life.

But, I guess that’s a good time for it, since I’ve stripped The Emperor’s Right down and recreating it from the bottom up. Yeah, its rough and hard work, but I’m impressed by what I’m working out. Different paths that are leading me in spectacular directions.

Now just to get it all organized…