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Month: August, 2012

Progress #4

Finished 3rd revise/rewrite. Ended up at 106,262 words.

Now onto to revise it, once more! Yay! (Listen to the enthusiasm folks!)


Progress #3

I haven’t posted for a while.

But, I had to revise a very, very hard part of my story. It’s a heavy narration, mechanics, action scene around 9000 words, which was heavy with mistakes. I had to sift through each and every word, rewriting all of it part by part. I had a list of what to fix and just had to get it done.

I did, get it done. And it’s like a weight was lifted off my shoulders! Haha! The next scene felt like child’s play!

I’m half way through, my third rewrite/heavy revise and I think it’s coming along very well.

I’m still dreading a certain scene, but I’ll get to it when I get to it.

Wish me luck!

Artist: Beck (Music #3)

I’ve always liked Beck. I wasn’t a large fan, but loved a lot of his songs that played on the radio. After listening to my music teacher about who he thought were “Geniuses” of music, he said, “Beck”.
Knowing his mind and talent, I had to check out Beck
This song is set apart for me because of a particular story:
I was in a casino, I don’t remember which one (I live in Vegas btw). So I was at some ball or something with my mother. I had a shitty time to say the least.
So waste some time, i sat downstairs and smoked a cigar for a bit. What cheered me up was this song, playing overhead.

Between the chorus of bells and whistles, the old ladies coughing, the crying of kids and the slot machine before me; this song was playing and I smiled.

Maybe I was the only one who could hear it, but it made me happy. And that’s all that music is worth. Simple, right?

It Was A Nice Night

So I felt like going for a walk. Dressed, shoes on, headphones and some good music to listen to ready.

I left my apartment, strolled around outside. The weather was just about perfect for a night walk.

After a while, I wanted to rest and went into one of the pool area.

I sat, legs up on the table and watched the clouds above me. Rain started to dribble down, so I raised the umbrella to keep from getting wet.

I was sitting, in the dark, while it was raining, listening to Lemolo. Drops would fall into the lighted pool, creating splashes radiating out into waves. The leafs rustled lightly from the winds. The umbrella knocked side to side. The table bit into my thighs and my backside was being chewed by the pool chair. But, it was nice.


That is all.

A Lovely Chat

So, earlier I was watching news with my mother. I had just finished what I would call a writing session and felt like some ice cream.

The news was going on about some pediatrician, waterboarding his daughter. I don’t care for these types of subject, but my mother raised a good question(which is never good): “What about the wife?”

Well the wife didn’t like the idea and would run out of the house while the father did this. However, she never did do anything about it. The father was arrested on some, abuse out on the front lawn of something. Only later the authorities found out about the waterboarding.

Well, the wife was an oddity. And my mother asked my why the woman wouldn’t try to protect her daughter?

I said, “because she loves her husband.”

And my mother couldn’t understand this fact. It’s simple really. The woman is either to dependent or cares for her husband to really stop his actions. So, I told my mother, that when my father was physically abusing her, why did she try to stop it?

Now here’s the fun part: She started immediately reflecting the conversation back at me.

I tried to lead her to the point that the woman’s actions and my mother’s were the same; so my mother would understand this better.

However, she took this offensively and started to tell me: You’re just like your father! Which, is typical for most divorced parents to tell their children when they are angry.

So I had to sit there, finish my ice cream while she ran her mouth.

Then I retreated to my room, to read a bit.

It was a lovely chat. This is kinda why I like writing at night: No body around.

Was that a rant? Maybe not. But, I wanted to get this shit out. Sorry for ruining your day!

Artist: MUTEMATH (Music #2)

I’ve always love energetic music. It keeps me up and awake as I write.
And one of the best bands I love to write to is MUTEMATH. If you like rock, you’ll love these guys.
Their first album, MuteMath  was good.
The second, Armistice is great.
The third, Odd Soul, meets in the middle. But they are all good to check out.

Progress #2

I hit 100,000 words in my rewriting.

Hmm… and I’m not even halfway through the revision process yet.

Oh well, can’t really complain at this stage. I was aiming for 75K originally. 

I also hit burn out last night pretty hard. The work I did for the day totaled 5K, which is half of what I’d like to hit. But it really was like I hit a wall, flat-front and center. So I started to dick around in photoshop, painting something (which I’m still brushing up on) and I figured that I’d rather write, then to paint. *Tears*

I’ve got a boring scene today, then I get to move on to the more enjoyable scenes.

Wish me luck!

Artist: Blazo (Music #1)

I tried to get into Jazz. And I’ve only gotten to the surface and dwelt in Bebop for a bit.
But then comes along Blazo. He’s a beatmaker who takes perfectly good songs, mixes them and adds instrumental hiphop beats over them.
His first album, Alone Journey is a mashup of new-wave, Jazz and Acoustics.
Colors of Jazz is purely Jazz/Soft Jazz and arrangements.

Check him out. I really like this for reading.

Progress #1

So, I didn’t start this Blog to not tell ya’ll about my writing.

My WIP is called: The Emperor’s Right: Advent (book 1)

Currently, it’s 92,000 words long. 50,000 words of that, has been rewritten/revised.

I originally based this story on a the idea of a collection of stories, ranging from 5K to 40K long sections. However, as I started writing the character’s back stories, just for know them, I dwelt within their pasts and felt that it should be told. So I began out from the past, to open up to the real story.

The genre is Heroic Fantasy. Centered around the Emperor’s “Right” his Knight. I don’t have a synopsis down, but I’ll try:

A knight is not just the protector of his majesty, but the entire nation as well. However, when his Emperor will rule the world; a Knight must be chosen to protect all that exists. The Emperor’s Right is a story of a budding Emperor and his Knight, challenging the world and finding a middle line between good and evil, right and wrong and must stand firm in their choices against all those wishes to break them.

The first book, Advent, opens up the smaller portions of the world and details just the Knight and Emperor before the actual “story” can begin. Think back story, which was needed to be told. Later, I will include many more knights, Kings and likely Emperors, clans, kingdoms, religions and abilities later in the story.

Now onto the progress update:

Um, I think I’ve hit burnout… Hmm… Yesterday, I just had to flog myself to rewrite a scene, it was interesting, but a bit dead. Today, I think I’ll grind into it, but who knows? We’ll see.

Wish me luck!

First Post on new Blog

Ah, well… Yeah, this is a new blog.

This is just about me, what I’m doing, a little of my life and my loves: Writing, Music, Psychology and Philosophy.

I’ll try to be as entertaining as possible, without resorting to the juggling fire and catching a bullet with my teeth tricks.