Progress #1

by willsauger

So, I didn’t start this Blog to not tell ya’ll about my writing.

My WIP is called: The Emperor’s Right: Advent (book 1)

Currently, it’s 92,000 words long. 50,000 words of that, has been rewritten/revised.

I originally based this story on a the idea of a collection of stories, ranging from 5K to 40K long sections. However, as I started writing the character’s back stories, just for know them, I dwelt within their pasts and felt that it should be told. So I began out from the past, to open up to the real story.

The genre is Heroic Fantasy. Centered around the Emperor’s “Right” his Knight. I don’t have a synopsis down, but I’ll try:

A knight is not just the protector of his majesty, but the entire nation as well. However, when his Emperor will rule the world; a Knight must be chosen to protect all that exists. The Emperor’s Right is a story of a budding Emperor and his Knight, challenging the world and finding a middle line between good and evil, right and wrong and must stand firm in their choices against all those wishes to break them.

The first book, Advent, opens up the smaller portions of the world and details just the Knight and Emperor before the actual “story” can begin. Think back story, which was needed to be told. Later, I will include many more knights, Kings and likely Emperors, clans, kingdoms, religions and abilities later in the story.

Now onto the progress update:

Um, I think I’ve hit burnout… Hmm… Yesterday, I just had to flog myself to rewrite a scene, it was interesting, but a bit dead. Today, I think I’ll grind into it, but who knows? We’ll see.

Wish me luck!