A Lovely Chat

by willsauger

So, earlier I was watching news with my mother. I had just finished what I would call a writing session and felt like some ice cream.

The news was going on about some pediatrician, waterboarding his daughter. I don’t care for these types of subject, but my mother raised a good question(which is never good): “What about the wife?”

Well the wife didn’t like the idea and would run out of the house while the father did this. However, she never did do anything about it. The father was arrested on some, abuse out on the front lawn of something. Only later the authorities found out about the waterboarding.

Well, the wife was an oddity. And my mother asked my why the woman wouldn’t try to protect her daughter?

I said, “because she loves her husband.”

And my mother couldn’t understand this fact. It’s simple really. The woman is either to dependent or cares for her husband to really stop his actions. So, I told my mother, that when my father was physically abusing her, why did she try to stop it?

Now here’s the fun part: She started immediately reflecting the conversation back at me.

I tried to lead her to the point that the woman’s actions and my mother’s were the same; so my mother would understand this better.

However, she took this offensively and started to tell me: You’re just like your father! Which, is typical for most divorced parents to tell their children when they are angry.

So I had to sit there, finish my ice cream while she ran her mouth.

Then I retreated to my room, to read a bit.

It was a lovely chat. This is kinda why I like writing at night: No body around.

Was that a rant? Maybe not. But, I wanted to get this shit out. Sorry for ruining your day!