It Was A Nice Night

by willsauger

So I felt like going for a walk. Dressed, shoes on, headphones and some good music to listen to ready.

I left my apartment, strolled around outside. The weather was just about perfect for a night walk.

After a while, I wanted to rest and went into one of the pool area.

I sat, legs up on the table and watched the clouds above me. Rain started to dribble down, so I raised the umbrella to keep from getting wet.

I was sitting, in the dark, while it was raining, listening to Lemolo. Drops would fall into the lighted pool, creating splashes radiating out into waves. The leafs rustled lightly from the winds. The umbrella knocked side to side. The table bit into my thighs and my backside was being chewed by the pool chair. But, it was nice.


That is all.