Artist: Beck (Music #3)

by willsauger

I’ve always liked Beck. I wasn’t a large fan, but loved a lot of his songs that played on the radio. After listening to my music teacher about who he thought were “Geniuses” of music, he said, “Beck”.
Knowing his mind and talent, I had to check out Beck
This song is set apart for me because of a particular story:
I was in a casino, I don’t remember which one (I live in Vegas btw). So I was at some ball or something with my mother. I had a shitty time to say the least.
So waste some time, i sat downstairs and smoked a cigar for a bit. What cheered me up was this song, playing overhead.

Between the chorus of bells and whistles, the old ladies coughing, the crying of kids and the slot machine before me; this song was playing and I smiled.

Maybe I was the only one who could hear it, but it made me happy. And that’s all that music is worth. Simple, right?