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Month: September, 2012

Artist: Oren Lavie (Music #5)

I hate, HATE, when a artist only has one album out and there is little to no plans for a second album.

This album is one of my favorites. It’s been 5 years since this album has been released, the single(Her Morning Elegance) has 25million views on youtube (mostly because of the amazing video).

Oren Lavie has talked about a second album, coming out in late 2011. Well…. that worked out great, hasn’t it?

Whatever. Sometimes it’s either worth the wait for the next album, or it’s made golden by its singular existence. Whatever the case maybe, this album is great.

Hope you enjoy.


Progress #6

I guess I haven’t updated this in a while… 22 days, I suck!


Ok, progress… right.

I pretty much have sent my first book in the pipeline to sit. I’ve gotten to the point that it’s like chewing your own thrown up spew, over and over again. Some time away will help me and my beta is quite busy, so it works out. I still have a early list of changes, but otherwise, it’s sitting still for now.


I did, however, start the second book. LifeFire, is the continuation from the first book, directly linked to the last minute of the first’s ending. This book is the “true” beginning of the series, where the main characters start on their adventure.

Yeah, I’m not really wishing to write out a blurb, because it’s quite sensitive to skate around the first book’s ending. I’ll update a new blurb for this book later, but I need to think of how to word it exactly.


At the moment, LifeFire is current 38,000words long, just starting the first part. I might end it somewhere around 100K, but we’ll see about that. It’s going pretty well, the scenes are rather jumpy (from on POV to another), but that’s what the series will have to have in order to show the story correctly.

I’ve been hitting at least 2000 words a day, and hitting upper 5K, so I’m doing pretty well. Still, it’s the first draft, so I can’t expect too much and great writing out of it.

And this is what’s odd: I don’t know what I should do for the last half. I’ve got about 50K planned, and a ending, but nothing to fill it in. I’ve got an idea, but I might just wing it from there. It’s been, damn years, since I’ve discovery written. I don’t think I’ll do that, but I’ll plan intersecting scenes.

That’s all I have for now.

Artist: Alberta Cross (Music #4)

Great folk-rock. I can’t find a fault with these guys.

Hope you enjoy.

My cat is destructive.

I have no idea why, or how.

But my cat keeps going after a pair of 12″ drivers. (Drivers are the round things people call speakers, just without a box)

First, he crushed the dust cap (that round mound in the center) as he tried to lay and curl up inside. I fixed that, and placed it away.

He found the other, that was right next to the first and clawed at the surround wrapping (the soft thing around the cone, that allows the driver to move) So I fixed that.

Now, he’s looking around for the two, as if I hid from away from him like a alcoholic and a bottle of vodka. Why? He don’t attack cables, not the carpets or furniture, not me either; but the of drivers, utterly un-entertaining are his major entertainment.

He’s just weird. He also likes to stand under the covers, that are off the side of the bed and meow, for no reason, for hours.

Then he plays in the bathtub, knowing that’s where I’ll bath him.

*Scratches head* Damn cat.

Progress #5

Not much. I’ve got a great beta (he’s mine, you can’t take him!)

Some of my WIP cut through, checked, checked by beta, revised again… then burn out.

So then I wrote a short story, the kinda dived in the premise. Not problem.

Then I wanted to revise it, all my thoughts were pretty much boring.

So after some conversation in the same thread, derailment and such, I got a writing prompt and started on a new story.

This one, I typed 1200 words for a part 1, and still going.

A little progress, but not much on my WIP. But, I’m learning from my mistakes, that’s all that matters.