Progress #6

by willsauger

I guess I haven’t updated this in a while… 22 days, I suck!


Ok, progress… right.

I pretty much have sent my first book in the pipeline to sit. I’ve gotten to the point that it’s like chewing your own thrown up spew, over and over again. Some time away will help me and my beta is quite busy, so it works out. I still have a early list of changes, but otherwise, it’s sitting still for now.


I did, however, start the second book. LifeFire, is the continuation from the first book, directly linked to the last minute of the first’s ending. This book is the “true” beginning of the series, where the main characters start on their adventure.

Yeah, I’m not really wishing to write out a blurb, because it’s quite sensitive to skate around the first book’s ending. I’ll update a new blurb for this book later, but I need to think of how to word it exactly.


At the moment, LifeFire is current 38,000words long, just starting the first part. I might end it somewhere around 100K, but we’ll see about that. It’s going pretty well, the scenes are rather jumpy (from on POV to another), but that’s what the series will have to have in order to show the story correctly.

I’ve been hitting at least 2000 words a day, and hitting upper 5K, so I’m doing pretty well. Still, it’s the first draft, so I can’t expect too much and great writing out of it.

And this is what’s odd: I don’t know what I should do for the last half. I’ve got about 50K planned, and a ending, but nothing to fill it in. I’ve got an idea, but I might just wing it from there. It’s been, damn years, since I’ve discovery written. I don’t think I’ll do that, but I’ll plan intersecting scenes.

That’s all I have for now.