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Month: October, 2012

Artist: Giles Corey (Music #18)

Right now, it’s Halloween, so let me post the scariest song I know.
This one has a freaky story to it.

This is from the song, but a radio transcript sampled for it:

Voices of unknown origin appearing on radio frequencies were first noticed by Scandanavia by the military in the thirties. They were put down at the time to secret Nazi transmitters, but the voices spoke in unknown and mixed tongues. And after the war, no record of secret Nazi transmissions ever came to light. The voices didn’t stop after war, but their rapidity and their transient nature precluded static. That is, before the tape recorder came into common usage in the fifties. A group of radio hams in Chicago studied the strange transmissions. Male and female voices, speaking in colored melodies and lyrical tones.

But it was not until 1959 that a Russian born Swedish citizen, radio and TV producer and filmmaker, Friedrich Juergenson, noticed intrusions on tape, and commenced his own systematic study. A disturbing fact soon emerged. The voices zeroed in on the Swede, addressing him by name, revealing a knowledge of his thoughts and actions, and claiming to be the the voices of deceased friends and acquaintances. The news spread rapidly, and soon experimenters and scientists all over the world were attempting to duplicate Juergonson’s work.

The effect on parapsychologists was dramatic. Accustomed to investigating the blind forces of artifacts through endless and somewhat boring amount of dice guessing experiments, they were confronted with living voices, which answered back. Taken by surprise, the British parapsychologists, without conducting experiments, rejected the objectivity of the voices, explaining them as breakthroughs from police messages, or simply mechanical noises from the tape recorder. But their European counterparts were more cautious, and possibly, with greater technical resources, they soon found out that they were indeed confronted with voices of unknown origin on tape.


Progress #18

So, I got past part 1 of Advent.

Advent is currently revised to 37,800words. Part 1 finished.


But, that was an easy bit. Me and my beta have passed through the majority of that quite well, so I was tightening, clarifying, detailing mostly. I think the next 4 parts will need some heavy rewriting.

Artist: The Chemical Brothers (Music #17)

The Chemical Brothers are one of my favorite electronic band. They just push out great music, with great beats.

This song has a phenomenal bass line and drops in amazingly well.

Progress #17

Tired, tired, tired.

Advent is revised to 21,500words.

I also entered the NaNoWriMo, which isn’t a challenge for me (modest, aren’t I?), but while editing and not planning it, the novel will be.

I’ll be writing about a side character’s story, and if I publish the Emperor’s Right, I’ll drop this a little later as a side story.

Progress will include work of “Shade” of The Emperor’s Right, throughout November.


Wednesday, I’ll be heading to the NaNoWriMo Las Vegas meet up. Don’t know what I’ll do there, but who knows. There’s probably a few from the college critique circle going, unknown to me.


I’m so tired, I can’t spell wensday right.

Artist: Now, Now (Music #16)

An album that came out this year, kinda under appreciated.
it’s rock, but with pop undertones and with good female vocals.

I like listening to this as a I read. It’s not jarring to listen to, but keeps a good energy.


Progress #16

I’m tired.

Advent is at revised: 10K words.

I should have done more today. Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Artist: The Dear Hunter (Music #15)

It astounds me that I’ve never shared my favorite band.
The Dear Hunter was a project, and show opener of Casey Crescenzo, while he was in The Receiving End of Sirens. He was writing songs that didn’t fully fit with TREoS, so he pushed out a small demo and later, three albums, a set of eps and more.
The albums are are in “Acts” telling the story of a Dear Hunter.
There is a set of EPs call The Color Spectrum, which is just glorious, each album is named after a color, and what the band perceived as what music matched that color.

I have all their albums and love each and every one of them. This song, The Beautiful Lie, gives me shivers every time I listen.
Hope you guys enjoy.

Progress #15

So… started editing Advent again.

Advent is the first book in The Emperor’s Right, LifeFire being the second.


Advent is currently at 4,000words edited and run through.

LifeFire is currently at 94,000words, on the last straight.



I kinda amazes me how much I’ve improved. You know when you look over your old writing, and you can see the mistakes.

I’m running through Advent, on scenes I’ve passed 30 times over, scenes I thought I’ve made close to flawless. And here I am running the red pen through some paragraphs.

Mostly, actions and descriptions are being tightened. It still amazes me how much I’ve improved, what I’ve cut from my waste and how clean my old results were.


I’m going to try to hit on both, writing LifeFire, and editing Advent for a while. Then, when I finish LifeFire, I’ll fully hit on Advent and try to get some betas later. Publication…. argh, don’t remind me.

Artist: Phosphorescent (Music #14)

I apologize about the bad quality audio of the video.

This guy is full out Folk, and this album was dark and strong with a pulse.
Something about this song just strums my heart. About the ambiance, the overall feeling of sitting in a kitchen, in absolute silence, with the sunlight stabbing your eyes, the blood circling around your ears, the haze of life brimming all around. And all you want, is sleep.

Progress #14

I actually got into gear today. 5,000words for a single scene, with some progress with timing in my head.

LifeFire is currently at 92,000.

Yay! I’m in the running stretch, and I think I don’t need to pull any tricks to extend the story. In fact, I might need to do some cutting. Especially with the scene I just did, there was quite a bit to the kissing scene I didn’t want to put as much description and reaction to. Kissing… big business.

Timing is still an issue, and how to extend the time throughout the story of match. Hmm…


This is why I like to write it all out, and then progress in the plot. Things pop up that I wouldn’t be able to handle if I didn’t already write it all out. So writing it out, showed me the holes, and further to write past them showed me how to fix them.

I’m tired, I wanna read.