Progress #7

by willsauger

I’m not too happy with my progress at the moment. Nothing to worry about, I guess.

I’m still trying to hit the 2000word minimum for each day, but I get stuck after that. This might sound winy, but I wish I could get more into my work at the moment. I’m not unmotivated, but not wanting to spend hour after hour at the work.

Well… LifeFire is at 46,000words at the moment, halfway in a good scene centered around the main MC.

Other than that, everything is on standby. I’m still letting my first book Advent, sit on the shelf and my short story’s second half kinda rotting in my documents folder (I really need to get to it, one of these days).

This was kinda of a downer of a post. Maybe I’ll post happy music right after this.