I’m happy.

by willsauger

Screw that, I’m ecstatic.

Last week, I headed to all the thrift stores in my area, always on the lookout for a good deal. And I found a very rare Nikko integrated amp, for $17. I shot to the moon, tested it and bought it in ten minutes. I ran home, hooked it up and fell in love (the hum distortion is quite high, so some of my headphones don’t agree with it too well). Whatever. It’s awesome.

Today, I headed out to visit a goodwill that was opening in my area, to find out that it opens tomorrow. Hmm…

So I headed to the local salvation army (where I found the amp last week), and scoured around. Nothing caught my eye before I passed by the furniture section. Sitting there, on the ground, were some high end speakers… So I looked at them, read the name and serials, and walked away.

I hit a couple other thrift stores… and those speakers couldn’t get off my mind. So I went back, tested them, looked them over, bought and brought them over. I gave them a bath, a nice look over and tested them thoroughly.

What I got were Beovox S75. Rosewood cabinets, chrome ascents, 4-way crossover, and the dreaded 2 pin DIN connector (I worked around that). All for $30. 


Problem lies in where to put them. They take up half of my desk, which is already overloaded with the amp, my monitor, my old speakers, headphones and papers. I might make some stands for them. I wish they came with their factory ordered stands.