Progress #9

by willsauger

Hmm… I’m an idiot.

So, Scrivener has a Project Stats button, that tells you your number of words and stuff.

I hit that at the end of my sessions to tally what I did for the day.

For the past couple days, I would be writing quite a bit and somehow not make much progress (like 1000-2000 words) and I found it odd.

Today, I wrote 5000 words and knew I wrote that many. I hit the Project Stats button and shows I added 1000 to the draft.

No, that can’t happen.

So I went into compile and found that I un-ticked some chapters, where I’ve been working. I checked them back on and hit project stats again.

I instantly had 7000 more words.

LifeFire is currently at 64,000 words, and I’m an idiot.