Progress #11

by willsauger

I haven’t been very productive lately.

Both, I don’t know what to write about because I hit a wall, and that I’ve got personal shit to deal with.

But, I started on a new scene, with a new character in the middle of LifeFire.

The scene sucks, I need to rewrite it. The problem lies in the introduction of the character and characterizing the characters that I’m creating while I’m writing them (character, character, character).

One good thing, is that there’s a scene after that, which I might be able to use as a drawing board for the characters, and then go back to the introductory scene and rewrite it.


I’ve got LifeFire plotted, I guess. There’s little problems like how to join what I have, with the ending I foresee… Ok, that’s a big problem, but I weasel my way out of it somehow. 😀

Currently LifeFire is at 75,000words, but with a 4k scene I’ll probably trash.

Wish me luck!