A small, personal code to writing.

by willsauger

Or anything really.

While writing, I get into situations and meet problems which are hard to challenge and harder to win against. Fine, that’s what I signed up for.

But when it comes to writing and anything creative, I do have the control and the freedom to change my choices.

So, when I meet I wall, I try to search for a way to pass it. I try many things and time and time again, I can pass them with enough effort.

However, sometimes just passing the wall and working back to the trail you were once on becomes the challenge itself.


I was writing a second character arc into LifeFire.

Originally, I started LifeFire on the premise that I’d write two books, connected into one–both spanning a side character arc and their interactions with the MCs.

Fine, is started the first and got to 70K without a problem. Good, great even.

So I started on the second character arc, and it’ll last about 10K before I’d return to the MC’s. That was a small problem, granted, I could make the reader care for those character before they meet up with the MCs.

All of this started to compile and become a greater problem when I started writing this second character in. The connection with the reader, the forced almost dramatic representation of how this story unfolds (for the same of time), and just the disconnection where the reader would start on a different character arc in the center (or later) in the novel.

The more I rolled around in this, the less I felt comfortable about putting it in.

Now, it would be a hard job to put this in. Not impossible, but hard.
So I skipped over it. Forget it for now, and keep working with the original story.

Instead of showing that character’s arc, and the back story related, I’m going to include him into the situation, but won’t focus on him as a POV narrator.


So the code it: There’s always the alternative to not do it.

If it’s challenging, hard, frustrating and sapping your sanity; you could just drop it and walk away. It might sound cowardly, but it’s a viable alternative and can be used without problem.


I need to get to writing, enough babbling on. Wish me luck.