Progress #14

by willsauger

I actually got into gear today. 5,000words for a single scene, with some progress with timing in my head.

LifeFire is currently at 92,000.

Yay! I’m in the running stretch, and I think I don’t need to pull any tricks to extend the story. In fact, I might need to do some cutting. Especially with the scene I just did, there was quite a bit to the kissing scene I didn’t want to put as much description and reaction to. Kissing… big business.

Timing is still an issue, and how to extend the time throughout the story of match. Hmm…


This is why I like to write it all out, and then progress in the plot. Things pop up that I wouldn’t be able to handle if I didn’t already write it all out. So writing it out, showed me the holes, and further to write past them showed me how to fix them.

I’m tired, I wanna read.