Progress #15

by willsauger

So… started editing Advent again.

Advent is the first book in The Emperor’s Right, LifeFire being the second.


Advent is currently at 4,000words edited and run through.

LifeFire is currently at 94,000words, on the last straight.



I kinda amazes me how much I’ve improved. You know when you look over your old writing, and you can see the mistakes.

I’m running through Advent, on scenes I’ve passed 30 times over, scenes I thought I’ve made close to flawless. And here I am running the red pen through some paragraphs.

Mostly, actions and descriptions are being tightened. It still amazes me how much I’ve improved, what I’ve cut from my waste and how clean my old results were.


I’m going to try to hit on both, writing LifeFire, and editing Advent for a while. Then, when I finish LifeFire, I’ll fully hit on Advent and try to get some betas later. Publication…. argh, don’t remind me.