Artist: Giles Corey (Music #18)

by willsauger

Right now, it’s Halloween, so let me post the scariest song I know.
This one has a freaky story to it.

This is from the song, but a radio transcript sampled for it:

Voices of unknown origin appearing on radio frequencies were first noticed by Scandanavia by the military in the thirties. They were put down at the time to secret Nazi transmitters, but the voices spoke in unknown and mixed tongues. And after the war, no record of secret Nazi transmissions ever came to light. The voices didn’t stop after war, but their rapidity and their transient nature precluded static. That is, before the tape recorder came into common usage in the fifties. A group of radio hams in Chicago studied the strange transmissions. Male and female voices, speaking in colored melodies and lyrical tones.

But it was not until 1959 that a Russian born Swedish citizen, radio and TV producer and filmmaker, Friedrich Juergenson, noticed intrusions on tape, and commenced his own systematic study. A disturbing fact soon emerged. The voices zeroed in on the Swede, addressing him by name, revealing a knowledge of his thoughts and actions, and claiming to be the the voices of deceased friends and acquaintances. The news spread rapidly, and soon experimenters and scientists all over the world were attempting to duplicate Juergonson’s work.

The effect on parapsychologists was dramatic. Accustomed to investigating the blind forces of artifacts through endless and somewhat boring amount of dice guessing experiments, they were confronted with living voices, which answered back. Taken by surprise, the British parapsychologists, without conducting experiments, rejected the objectivity of the voices, explaining them as breakthroughs from police messages, or simply mechanical noises from the tape recorder. But their European counterparts were more cautious, and possibly, with greater technical resources, they soon found out that they were indeed confronted with voices of unknown origin on tape.