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Month: November, 2012

Artist: Frank Ocean (Music #29)

This year has been one of the best years for Hip-Hop/Rap music. Frank Ocean’s Orange hit pretty hard and stuck well.


Progress: #29

Book 3 is at: 24,000words.

Low for what I wanted today. But I got a lot of good content out in very good ways. Quality over quantity everytime!

I also started a running edit for Advent for a new beta reader. Let’s see how this works out.

Artist: TOKiMONSTA (Music #28)

I’ve never been a big fan of glitch. But this is quite light, with good beats and some playful arrangements. Mostly instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop, and a little glitch.

Progress #28

Book 3 is at: 15,500 words, a about 2,000words ahead of what I thought it would be (I still have more of a scene).

Not bad for the third day writing it. But, oh, it was hard switching off of editing to writing. I still can’t believe I’m having trouble with this. 😛

Artist: Ty Segall (Music #27)

Ty Segall found his fame with Pitchfork loving his first studio album, and he’s steadily growing in both production value and popularity. He’s just gritty rock.

Progress #27

Starting on NSTC Book 3 (imaginative ain’t it?) I’m about 2,500 words in and mixed with the voice. I’m starting off in a new character’s shoes, trying to bring up a voice for him. It’s really hard to pass off anger from a character with a deep narrative. But, I think it’s working.

I’ve got pretty much all of Book 3 detailed, but I have to organize scenes in about 15,000words.

Book 4-7 are a slight mystery. I might gets general ideas about them, but I want to keep things light so it’s entertaining for me to write them.

Artist: Death Cab for Cutie (Music #26)

I’ve always liked Death Cab For Cutie. Just the simplicity of this song, linked with shivering lyrics make a excellent song.

Progress #26


Now to correct some errors I have, and wait for my beta’s finals to be over, and revise after that…

I’m starting on mapping out my next books. I’d like to have some kind of a road map, but I find it dreadfully boring to know everything that happens before hand. I wrote LifeFire almost discovery written, with only the ending goal (that I got) to achieve. 

Tomorrow, might hit on those errors and start cutting into LifeFire.

Today, I’m resting. For once.

Artist: Godspeed You! Black Emperor! (Music #25)

Post-rock. You either love it or hate it.
Luckily, Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! was a pretty good album, even for people who might not like post-rock.

Progress #25

Editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing, editing…


Advent at 75,000words. I’m getting towards the end, where the real stuff picks up and moves.