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Month: December, 2012

Artist: Onra (Music #36)

What do you get when you take 2nd hand Korean vinyl records, sample them and add fresh beats?


Progress #36

Brought the torn and rotting remains of my first part of Advent back together… not really sure how it ended up.

Now I’m sitting on part 2 trying to stir up ideas.

Artist: Jonsi (Music #35)

Have I done Sigur Ros yet? Whatever. Jonsi is the main singer, and his album Go touched on more pop-oriented style, which is odd because he does a lot of ambient collabs. Still awesome.

Progress #35

I’ve worked through the first part of Advent!

That was the hardest challenge so far… oh boy…

Artist: Tribes (Music #34)

One of my top albums of the years. Tribes is just a good ol’ English rock band, reminds you of good times and is both easy to listen to and even dwell into.

Sorry, could only fine the acoustic live show since the F-ing record label won’t let any exterior youtube links to be shown. Down with the establishment! Down with the establishment! 😀

Progress #34

It’s like bashing my head against the wall.

I’ve been working on Advent, rewriting the scenes I’ve rewritten time and time again. Funny… not.

And now, officially, I’m expanding it. 104K at the moment, and I’m still planning another 10K… Advent is going to be long… while the others are shorter….

This is coming from the guy who wants the volume knob in his car’s radio, for the open area on the knob to be facing up, the knob is placed wrong and at a slant, so I need to click it into place, and then move it back slightly to bring that open area up.

People talk about OCD… might as well turn Advent into 120K…

Artist: The Men (Music #33)

The Men are punk/noise rock, and I love them.
Open Your Heart is their cleanest album (as in recording) and just a mix of great songs.
Candy is one of my favorites by them, but a much slower tempo than they normally write. But a change of pace is always good.

Progress #33

Ok, getting some serious shit done on Advent. I’ve rewritten the opening scene (more info-dumping, explanations and stuff, and hopefully well done), and one of the major opening scenes after that.

I started by gutting parts out, and seeing how much I took out.

With just those two scenes rewritten, I’ve added 4K words.

And then, I rewrote another scene that ended up longer…

I don’t think I’m going to hit the perfect 100K mark. I did with LifeFire by 500words… but Advent might run longer… actually, it might run a lot longer if I start to tackle the other “fast flowing” later scenes.


Well, that’s going good, I guess.

Book 3 is on hold. Mr. Valius is in the extended spin cycle…

Artist: Nujabes (Music #32)

Trip hop. I don’t know anyone who can tell me, “I’ve listened to Trip Hop and hate it.” Come on, no one can hate it.
Nujabes was one of the masters of Trip/Jazz hop. He was a prominent figure, and somehow, because of his music, his death was all the more sad. It’s hard to explain. You felt emotions through his music, and loved him for it, and his death… I don’t think there would be any artists that make a lasting impression, and who people will always say:
RIP at the mention of their name.

RIP Seba Jun.

Progress #32

Haven’t posted for a while… might as well.

Advent (book 1), I’ve been tearing through and gutting. Trying to weave the opening storyline into the main storyline far better, but it’s becoming difficult just to bring it to the reader.

Book 3 is on hold for a while… sadly.

Mr. Valius has been fully written, but still need a scan for editing and such. I like how it ended, but unsure of how strong it is.