Artist: Fleet Foxes (Music #39)

by willsauger

The frontman of Fleet Foxes says the band’s success was founded on file sharing. You’ll see more and more artist support file sharing/torrenting music, which has its positives and negatives. What does this mean? I think its just more of a separation of the personal/corporate world in the music industry. That artist would rather push out their music for others to listen to (which they don’t make much from, the companies take a big chunk), and because of the increase publicity, the artist has packed/more concerts (which they make a lot more from).

I don’t support breaking copyright. I purchase music in both physical and digital formats. But its interesting how this feud will play out.

Can this reflect on fiction? I don’t think so. There’s still a large difference between self-publishing and trade publishing, which isn’t bad either.

Whatever. Fleet Foxes have always been fun to listen to. Their early stuff was like a throw back to 70’s pop/rock, especially their first album.