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Month: March, 2013

Artist: The Deer Hunter (Music #45)

My absolute favorite band is coming out with a new album next month. *Head explodes from excitement* Yeah, I’m prepared to receive the gift of the gods *says from standing naked in a electrical storm holding a lightning rod* Bring it!
K… going insane now. I’m still excited.
Enjoy their new single. I must say that this is a departure from their traditional style of “Arc” albums, but still welcomed.


Progress #45

SLOW going. I’ve been swamped with college before spring break.

I tried writing my new WIP in first person, and it just didn’t work well. I wasn’t as comfortable as I typically am in third. And also, I was afraid I’d turn one of my characters into the annoying cynical narrator. Switching back to third and revisiting the same scene for the third time, I added so much more and better detail. Odd. I also was forced into a more subjective POV in first, and had to struggle to convey the scene effectively (especially when the scene was so far from norm). 

Oh well. Better get back to work.

Artist: James Black (Music #44)

James Blake hit the scene pretty hard. His s/t album hit the charts hard and fast with great reviews. If it wasn’t for The Dear Hunter’s Color Spectrum, his s/t would have been my number one album of 2011.
This new single by him for his upcoming album sounds spectacular. Amazing. His older albums found more of his post-dubstep sound mixed in, this is starting to focus on his singing voice (which is very nice, btw).

Progress #44

Been a while, huh?

Well, I’ve been working on this new project. Still unnamed. Its… creative, let’s call it that. Its just a mean mashup of whatever I had jotted down and formed a story around.

Funny enough, I typically like to plot my stories a bit. And after some internal turmoil, I decided to start discovery writing it. And that’s working. A bit.