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Artist: The Deer Hunter (Music #45)

My absolute favorite band is coming out with a new album next month. *Head explodes from excitement* Yeah, I’m prepared to receive the gift of the gods *says from standing naked in a electrical storm holding a lightning rod* Bring it!
K… going insane now. I’m still excited.
Enjoy their new single. I must say that this is a departure from their traditional style of “Arc” albums, but still welcomed.


Artist: James Black (Music #44)

James Blake hit the scene pretty hard. His s/t album hit the charts hard and fast with great reviews. If it wasn’t for The Dear Hunter’s Color Spectrum, his s/t would have been my number one album of 2011.
This new single by him for his upcoming album sounds spectacular. Amazing. His older albums found more of his post-dubstep sound mixed in, this is starting to focus on his singing voice (which is very nice, btw).

Artst: Destroyer (Music #43)

Dan Bejar is one of the greatest lyricists I know of. The man astounds me.
So cynical, so straight, so cutting. How can a man be so grating?

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Music #42)

Macklemore is a alright rapper.
Ryan Lewis wasn’t well known until now.
Together, they have to be one of my top hip-hop artists/bands of all time.
The beats are great, the lyrics are inspiring. Maybe it’s not the most emotionally fueled rapping, but the lyrics ring true, and after a while you just get hit hard.
This is one of those songs that tells you to keep moving. Hard work is the only thing that makes greatness.

Artist: Bvdub (Music #41)

This is ambient, both old and new style.
And I absolutely love this song. The first time I heard it, I knew it was going to be up there with some of my all time favorites. Absolutely beautiful and a bit heart-wrenching if you’ve read the title.
Yeah, it’s 13minutes long. And its worth every second. Right about the 5minute mark it gets good, but listen to all that build up too.

Artist: Thrice (Music #40)

Did I do Thrice before?
Oh well. I love Thrice’s Alchemy Index. I love it so much, I wrote a trilogy to it (the work I did before The Emperor’s Right). Some of the songs just fit perfectly with a lot of the scenes and situation that the character went through.
Come All You Weary was pretty much the ending song for my Female Protagonist.
It’s kinda sad I stopped right at the last part of the third book. I just stopped writing. Maybe I didn’t want to see it end.

Artist: Fleet Foxes (Music #39)

The frontman of Fleet Foxes says the band’s success was founded on file sharing. You’ll see more and more artist support file sharing/torrenting music, which has its positives and negatives. What does this mean? I think its just more of a separation of the personal/corporate world in the music industry. That artist would rather push out their music for others to listen to (which they don’t make much from, the companies take a big chunk), and because of the increase publicity, the artist has packed/more concerts (which they make a lot more from).

I don’t support breaking copyright. I purchase music in both physical and digital formats. But its interesting how this feud will play out.

Can this reflect on fiction? I don’t think so. There’s still a large difference between self-publishing and trade publishing, which isn’t bad either.

Whatever. Fleet Foxes have always been fun to listen to. Their early stuff was like a throw back to 70’s pop/rock, especially their first album.

Artist: cokiyu (Music #38)

The video and the music is both beautiful.
What would you call this? Ambient? Experimental?
Dunno, but its good.

Artist: Blue Sky Black Death (Music #37)

You might have noticed, I have a deep love for instrumental hip-hop and at the top of my list is Blue Sky Black Death. Just great stuff, and its just not tracks with laid in beats, but largely recreated environments and ambiance intermingling with everything.

Artist: Onra (Music #36)

What do you get when you take 2nd hand Korean vinyl records, sample them and add fresh beats?